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Shared Reviews will soon be back

Shared Reviews used to be one of the sites on my list but due to funding problems, they had to put revenue sharing on hold in September 08'. It seems that they have taken care of that though, and have scheduled Feb 11th 08' as the official launch date for their new revenue sharing program. If they don't run into any problems, we can expect to see this Paid To Review site making a comeback next month.

The New Helium

In the world of online freelance writing, there's sites like Demand Studios which offer a one time lump sum payment for each work you publish, and there's sites like Triond which let you earn passive income from your work. And then there's Helium, a site which's somewhere in the middle. It's undergone quite a few changes over the past few months. It used to be that an article you submitted for Helium was either an accepted Marketplace piece (earning a one time lump sum payment) or not (earning passive income), never both. Now, it's possible for those articles falling in the latter catergory to actually earn you upfront payments. Being the first to write to an empty title on Helium earns you $1.00. And depending on your writing stars, you'll earn anywhere from $0.50 to $2.50 for each article submitted. (Although certain categories, like creative writing, are excluded from upfront payment)

But there's a catch. Now there's actually a need for you to rat…

Finally Back

Well, after taking a (I would like to say well-deserved, but even I don't believe that) break from my blog, I'm finally back. Expect more posts from me in the next few days.