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Life Tips

Moved Life Tips down to the list of suspicious sites. On the one hand, they are selling e-books with 101 tips for $9.99, promising writers 20% of the commission, and on the other hand,they are telling writers that they can be paid $10 per tip. Anyone see anything wrong with that?


Just published an article about Bukisa at Triond. Bukisa is a new writing site which came out in late 2008. Currently the site itself has less than stellar English and apparently doesn't care about the quality of published content itself, so long as said content has a word count of at least 250 words and is in English. This has resulted in stuff like "(body of article)get paid to write get paid to write get paid to write...." and poems that keep repeating themselves. I'm guessing that the word count stipulation is for them to ensure that they get higher PPC (pay per click) ads based on keyword targeting, and not to ensure the quality of an article.
That's just a guess though, and I'm not about to go around spreading this theory of mine. They already have enough going against them without me adding to it, lol.

I also found the site itself too liberal with the use of words like "exciting", "revolutionary", "innovative" for my taste. …