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Wikinut taken down

Took Wikinut down from the list

Increasing more and more people were coming forward with reports that Wikinut was a scam. It's been a few years since I last looked at Wikinut, and I suspect that I would have taken it down if I had taken another look earlier.

Account Locked by Squidoo

Early this year, Squidoo locked my account.

I'm not the only one who got affected, nor did the spate of account locking happen overnight. Google had reconfigured the amount of traffic that they sent to Squidoo. , causing a tremendous drop in traffic. Squidoo in turn, started setting stricter automatic filters.

Fairly certain that my account locking was a mistake(I have a grand total of 2 lenses on Squidoo, so it didn't take long to check that my lenses were following the new Squidoo rules), I emailed them.

It's been more than three months and there's no reply from them.

And that's why Iakul's List is now back here at this blog.