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List update

Added For a Contributing Writer, it's a minimum of $500 a month for the first two years at,with payment incentives based on pageview growth and after that the minimum drops to $250. You are required to publish at least 12 pieces of content per month, which works out to around $42 per article when you are starting out.

Removed Factoidz. There have been a number of complaints regarding it by former members, alleging that it's a reverse Ponzi scheme, where the earnings of older members are used to pay newer members. I have yet to ascertain how much truth there is to this, but until I find the time to really go digging into this, I'll remove it for the time being.

Changed Helium's description, since they changed their upfront payment structure. There have been complaints about this, and while I do personally know a number of Helium members who will expect to be earning less after this change, I think it was inevitable. It just didn't make sense that u…