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List update

Added a couple of sites under the Blogs and Forums section.

There's Writing For Dollars, which isn't exactly a blog or forum, but I guess that's the section that fits it best. This kind of made me realise that I don't have a section for informative sites that are not blogs or forums. Writing For Dollars certainly has a wealth of information, which includes tips and advice, job listings, and a whole lot more.

The other one's WAHMs WHo Write. I have to admit that I have been late in adding this one, mainly because I'm not a WAHM (Work at Home Mom). Still the leads and information in this forum are relevant to all writers, even if you aren't a WAHM.

List updated

Well, as I prmosied in my previous blog post, I addded two new sites to the list.

First one's Firehow, under "Sites which specialise in certain writing categories". It's a how-to article website, and it only pays US residents.

The next one's Redgage. While technically it does pay non-US residents, there's a cap of on earnings that they don't mention anywhere on their site.

I'll explain.

Redgage pays via the Redgage card, a card that they ship to you when you have earned your first $25. THey charge $5 for the shipping. From then on, you withdraw from Redgage via your card.

Here's the catch. After your first transfer, you'll have to register with a giftcards site, which you won't be able to unless you are a US resident.

And no, you don't have to withdraw when you have made $25. They allow you to withdraw in increments of $25, which given the "invisible cap" they have imposed, means that you are actually better off holding your earn…