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Academia-research on watch-list

Academia-research has the dubious honour of being the first one to be put on my "To be watched" list, meaning I have turned up enough cases and reports of misconduct on the site itself to be wary of it, but have not gathered enough conclusive evidence to put it on "sites to avoid" list.

What I have found so far.

- Lied about address being in the US, despite it being a Urkaine company

- While Academia-research won't blatantly not pay a writer, it may delay and fudge to avoid payment.

- Academia-research was by started by someone who split from, the notorious freelance writing scam also located in Urkaine.

Which is part of what makes my search so hard, as there is apparently quite an intense rivalry between and Academia-research and is not above telling outright lies to smear the competition, so I have to sift through my intel and establish it's reliability. I do the same for other sites I look at, but there's…

Daytipper, scam? Not worth the effort?

Checked some sites on my list of "Sites which I intend to take a closer look at". Except for Daytipper, all of them got moved up to their respective categories. A search on Daytipper revealed that it used to offer $3 per tip, which got cut down to $1, which got cut down to cash handouts to the top 3 writers of the month. On top of that lots of writers during the $3 per tip period didn't get paid for tips that were published, due to Daytippers "unique" way of defining "published". My search also revealed that an article by a Susan Corbett from Associated Content, saying that Daytipper was a scam, has been called a scam by Nathan Preheim, the founder of the site. Huh? That is also a new definition of the word scam for me.

Stay away from the site.

Did an article on Daytipper and a few other sites here.

Top Sites You Should Not Write For

New Squidoo Lenses (For List)

My Squidoo lenses is up. I finally arranged Iakul's List (calling it List of Freelance Writing Jobs is such a mouthful), and categorised them, instead of the haphazard way I just placed the sites all over the list before. The list is now available at

I'll still be keeping the list on my blog for now. There's still a lot I plan to work on for the list and until then I'll be keeping it here also.

Another list update

Added Feed the Village, Epinions, Review Party and Letter Rep to the list.

Descriptions are up for all of them except Feed the Village. Still not sure about it yet. Epinions and Review Party are both review sites, although Review Party sets itself apart from other review sites in that it doesn't pay a lump sum, but offers you the opportunity to earn through ads displayed on your reviews. Letter Rep is a niche market website, specialising only in letter assignments.

List of list updates

Added Qassia, Tutorial Tub, How to Do, Xomba, Rankrz and Rate It All. Haven't done any site descriptions for them yet, although Qassia and Xomba look promising to me.

Both are sites that generate income through Google Adsense.

Qassia appears to be a cross between a promotion tool and an article publishing site.

Xomba appears to have quite positive feedback from what I gathered after searching the web about it.

Shvoong and Squidoo

Been checking out these two sites. Squidoo I joined quite some time ago (along with the rest of the freelance writing sites I joined like Triond and Helium)but just left it sitting there cos' there was so much to figure out there and I had so many other sites to take a look at...
Shvoong I just checked out and joined. Added my Squidoo referral link here. Will update on my experience with them after I have had more publishing experience with them.

To do list: Check out Hubpages and Review Stream when I'm done with these two
To do list after I'm done with the to do list: Check out Storymash, Informative Post, Newsvine, eHow, Academia Research, Ground Report...

List of Freelance Writing Sites

A list I complied of freelance writing sites. I haven't checked all of them out yet. Have yet to decide whether I'm going to add sites like Get A Freelancer to the list or start a seperate list for them. Will be updating this and moving this all the way to the front whenever I find more sites

Sites which offer a one time payment for articles

Constant Content
A site where writers can showcase their articles with a preset price tag and have interested publishers buy them. Has strict standards for submitations (free of grammar mistakes etc) so check to make sure that you are submitting a flawless article.

Demand Studios
Offers upfront payments for articles. No passive income though and you lose your rights to your articles once they are published. Only available to US residents.

Only available to US residents. Pays on a "price per word" basis, with higher rated writers being able to command a higher price.

Sites which let you earn passive income

A site where yo…

Scour, a Scam?

Scour is a paid to search site that offers to send users $25 Visa cards once they reach 6500 points. Over the past few weeks, I have seen quite a few MyLot users posting on it and whether it is a scam. Due to the numerous users who have said that it was a scam, I have never joined it.

Recently took another look at it again and did some searching about Scour, and assuming that it is a legit site, here are the major problems that you are likely to encounter.

1) You won't get paid when you hit your points and request for payment. Yes, you won't. You'll have to send quite a few e-mails, post comments on their blog, and try a few means to contact them, before you get a chance to get paid.

2) It is possible that you'll get banned by an automated banning system when you reach payout, and then you'll have to send quite a few e-mails, post comments on their blog, and wait a few weeks to wait and see if the problem is resolved.

All these problems, ASSUMING it is legit. Now opera…

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