Saturday, March 21, 2009

List update

Added Bianca Raven's blog ( and Athlyn Green's blog ( to the list under the "Sites Where Publishers Will Post Jobs Requests" section. Both are freelance writers with years of experience and they do post writing leads on their blogs. Athlyn Green's writing leads are quite frequent, and you can view them via a JobThread widget she displays on her blog. While Bianca Raven's writing leads are less frequent, she does focus on high paying gigs which she'll cover in detail in a blog entry.

I'm planning to split the "Sites Where Publishers Will Post Job Requests" section, since it appears to have grown quite long, and quite a number of sites are not exactly sites "where publishers will post job requests". Probably into a blog/forum section for those sites where you can find writing leads and a true "Sites Where Publishers Will Post Job Requests" section for bidding sites and other sites that do fall into this category.

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