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Iakul's List

Sites paying upfront for articles

Constant Content
A site where writers can showcase their articles with a preset price tag and have interested publishers buy them. Has strict standards for submissions (free of grammar mistakes etc) so check to make sure that you are submitting a flawless article. If you have articles that you have published elsewhere before, you can still sell them for usage rights here.
Content Gather
Content Gather is fairly new, and has only been around since Nov 2016. Their parent company has been around for quite a while though. Content Gather (as of now) does look a lot like Constant Content to me. Like Constant Content,there's a marketplace where writers can submit articles to sell, and a custom job where buyers specify articles. Unlike Constant Content though, there's also an upfront payment when your article gets approved for the marketplace.
Highlights is a children's website and they pay for creative stories and articles. Payment ranges from $40 to $175 upwards depending on category.
Demand Studios
Offers upfront payments for articles. You lose your rights to your articles once they are published.
Only available to US residents. Pays on a "price per word" basis, with higher rated writers being able to command a higher price.
Bright Hub
Bright Hub is a science and technology content site.
Words Of Worth
At Words of Worth, you enter into a contract with them, whereby you promise to deliver 10 to 80 articles in a month, depending on the contract, and they pay you £250. More details here
Experts123 employs a mix of upfront payment and revenue share for their payout structure. You'll first have to signup as a user, then apply to be a Paid Contributor before you start earning. However, currently restricted to certain countries only.

Sites paying residual income
Another site that lets you build your own web pages and display your articles on them, letting you earn passive income.
A site where you can publish your work and have them earn a passive income.
A site where you can publish your work and have them earn a passive income.
A word of warning to non-US residents, Redgage pays via the Redgage Card, a debit card that they issue you when you get your first payment. They then transfer your earnings to you via your Redgage card. After the first transfer though, Redgage requires you to register on the giftcards site, which only US residents are entitled to. In other words, there's a cap on your earnings.
Another Google Adsense revenue sharing site.
Xomba lets writers place their work there and generate revenue from Google Adsense. Adsense profits are split 50/50 between the site and writers. That doesn't sound very attractive, but Xomba makes up for that with frequent contests where writers stand to win cash prizes. In addition, Xomba articles can also be used to generate backlinks to your other blog/site/other articles.
Launched in mid 2008, Infobarrel is a site where you can post your articles and earn 75% of your Adsense revenue. They also have an Ebay affililiate program.

Sites where publishers will post job requests

Online Writing Jobs
Site with job listings for writers
Genuine Jobs
You'll have to sign up as a member to access the job listings. Membership is free.
Has a section devoted to job listings for writers.
More suitable for US residents, as most jobs are based in the US. There are a few jobs that require writers in other places like the UK or Canada, or even internationally but writers will have to sieve through lots of job offers to find those.
A site where writers can bid on job offers.
A site where writers can bid on job offers.
Get A Freelancer
A site where writers can bid on job offers.
Writing Bids
A bidding site where writers can bid on job offers.
Writers Weekly
Has a section devoted to job listings for writers.
Freelance Writing Gigs
Has a section devoted to job listings for writers.
Funds For Writers
A site where writers can bid on job offers.
Journalism Jobs
Site with job listings for writers.
Writer's Market
Paid subscription needed for this site. They do however offer a free trial period.
Editorial Freelancers Association
Paid membership needed.
Freelance Daily
Has a daily newsletter with job listings. Offers a free trial period of 1 week, after which you have to pay $3.95 per month for subscription.
Freelance Free
Site where writers can bid on job offers. Quite a lot of these appear to only want Indian writers.
Get A Coder
Although much of the assignments here are programming based assignments, you can still find freelance writing jobs here. You can filter your search results to only show writing assignments.
A site where writers can bid on job offers.
Online Writing
Freelance Writing
Craigs List
While you can find some freelance writing gigs on Craigs List, you do have to be careful about which requests you answer to. Quite a number of them are just attempts to get your e-mail so they can send spam to you.

Blogs and Forums

Accentuate Writers Forum
A forum with a section devoted to writing leads. Leads posted there tend to pay quite well.
Freelance Writing Income From Home
A blog by Bianca Raven, a freelance writer with several years of experience currently earning a yearly six figure income. Good writing leads are posted there every now and then, and she also blogs about other writing related stuff.
About Freelance Writing
A blog about freelance writing with job postings, and reviews on writing sites.
Absolute Write
Has a free newsletter listing jobs for writers. Also has a forum section devoted to paid writing assignments.
Writing For Dollars
Not really a blog or forum per se. Has a wealth of information for writers, job listings, and a newsletter.
WAHMs WHo Write
I have to admit that I have been late in adding this one, mainly because I'm not a WAHM (Work at Home Mom). Still the leads and information in this forum are relevant to all writers, even if you aren't a WAHM.
Note: the page may take a long time to load.

Sites specialising in certain writing categories's compensation plan for their Guides and Contributing Writers cap it at a minimum of $500 a month and $250 a month respectively. This is adjusted upwards based on pageview growth. Contributing Writers are required to publish at least 12 pieces of content every month.
To put it in their own words , "FireHow is a how-to article website". Only pays US residents.
How to Do
Another site that publishes "How to" articles.
Tutorial Tub
A site which lets you earn by displaying your tutorials (another way of calling "How To" articles) and earning through Google Adsense.
A site that publishes only news articles.
Ground Report
Another site that only accepts news articles.
Student Network Resources
This site specialises in "research work". Note: Writing student term papers is seen by quite a lot of people as unethical. However, if you really must write term papers, (though I cannot fathom why) then at least write for a site that won't cheat you. There are far too many paper mills around that cheat writers. Academia-research, for example.
A site specialising in works of fiction.
A site that focuses mainly on financial topics, though it does publish articles that focuses on other issues.
Letter Rep As you might guess from the name, this site focuses only on letter assignments.
Listverse Write a list containing at least 10 items and 1500 words and get paid $100. That does look attractive at first glance, until you get to the part where Listverse says they get around 150 submissions daily, out of which they only accept 3 or 4. That ratio isn't actually all that bad if you compare it to print publications. However, "lists" isn't something that writers can specialise in, unlike say, technology or finance. That, combined with a 2% acceptance rate, doesn't seem so attractive. Epinions
Another review site. Pays $10 for 10 reviews. While the site does pay to non-U.S residents, only U.S residents are eligible for the contests held by the site. Payout is also set higher for non-U.S residents.
You earn on this review site whenever another member reads and rates your reviews.
Available only to residents of Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and France.
Rate It All
It's kind of a cross between a social networking site and review site. But then, most review sites do have some sort of social networking element.
Shared Reviews
A site publishing product reviews, This site ran into funding problems during 2008 and had to put it's revenue sharing program on hold. It has since started to pay it's members again though.

Other sites

Sites here are either sites that I haven't decided where they would belong to on my list, or sites that I have yet to take a close look at

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Words of Worth is a UK site set up in 2007. You enter into a contract with them, where you promise to deliver 10 to 80 articles every month, depending on the contract, and they promise to pay you £250 monthly.

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