Friday, April 30, 2010

Update to list

Updated description for Associated Content, since they changed their policy regarding international payments.

Took out EHow from list, since they got taken over by Demand Studios. I knew about it soon after it happened, but forgot EHow was on my list and so didn't update it. Doh.

Updated description for Demand Studios, since they do accept international applicants now.

Leo9 left a commnet mentioning a site called Write For Me. If it's the site that I think it is, it isn't exactly a site where you can find work, and it's more a personal site for a writer rather than a site offering information for writers. That's not to say that writers and would-be writers can't pick up anything useful from there, just that I don't think the focus of the site itself fits with my list, so I'm not going to add it.

babygirl3605 mentioned Redgage That's one of the sites I have been planning to take a look at(the other one's Firehow). I do appreciate the heads up though.

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