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List update (and no, nothing new added)

Just a minor update, regarding Bukisa's change from a multi-tier referral based model to a Google Adsense sharing revenue model. And yes, compared to my previous site description *points below* , Bukisa didn't get much of a site description this time.

Personally, I don't like Bukisa. It seems to be a content site that's focused on quantity and not quality. There are quite a number of peole who do recommend Bukisa though. Bukisa has a 3 tier referral system, which means that you get a cut of the earnings of the referrals of the referrals of your referrals. As far as I can tell, that's the reason most of the people are recommending it. But like I mentioned, I don't like it. They even set up a Help page which has nothing on it except "Coming Soon" and a link to their FAQ. It's now Aug 31st 2009. Bukisa was started in 2008. That's a long time to set up a Help page. *Updated on Nov 10th 2009: it has come to my attention that Bukisa no longer has a "Coming Soon" Help page with nothing on it. I wonder if my lens had anything to do with this change..."

And no, as I mentioned in the title, no new sites added. Although it's been more than half a year since my last update. Well, I have been busy with, erm, stuff *waves hand vaguely*.

If you all do want to look at a new site though, there's a post by Bianca Raven last month talking about Content Authority here.


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