Saturday, September 06, 2008

Constant Content rejection

Just had my article rejected by Constant Content. Reason given was "Please submit in one of our accepted file formats: rtf, txt, or doc. We do not accept odt files." I had to ask in the forums to find out, as they seemed to be having problems with e-mailing some writers. Kind of relieved to know that it wasn't for grammar or writing errors.


Owlwings said...

Since Open Office is becoming more common, it is a bit of a nuisance that Constant Content won't accept .odt documents. However, the remedy is simple (as you probably know now): just remember to Save As ... RTF (or .doc) rather than using Save.

I always advocate saving a document as the first thing you do - even before writing anything. That way you have created a file (of the right type) and when you subsequently save it, you are ready to go. It can also be helpful if something goes wrong - power failure, crashes &c - because autosave will have likely preserved most of your document.

L. Shepherd said...

I had one rejected there once because I had a typo in it. I know it's not great to have a typo- but come on! They couldn't have taken out the extra letter?

Instead they had to spend more time and resources to send it back, have me take the letter out, submit it again and then have it reviewed again. It's definitely not the best use of resources I've ever heard of.

iakul said...

@ owlwings: Lol, that's what I did for an article I submitted to Triond just recently. And my comp did crash and the document did get saved, but... check my blog entry on September 3rd for the silly mistake I made.

@ l. shepherd: I do agree that Constant Content is one the strictest, if not the strictest sites I have come across so far. But on the bright side, at least you know getting accepted by Constant Content actually means something, compared to some sites out there which will accept just anything.