Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Finally, another article published on Triond

I just had another article published on Triond. It took me 4 attempts.

The first time I submitted that article, I did a pretty silly thing. I submitted a blank file with the same name. There's a story behind it, while I was working on my article, my comp crashed. I hadn't saved it, and I have a habit of starting and saving an article with just the file name. Now I restarted my comp, opened my file to see if my word processor(Open had managed to save during the crash. It was at that moment that my word processor informed me that it was retrieving the data. So, I waited and then the pop-up says that it has been retrieved. So, now I'm looking at an empty page with just the title, so I close it, with the intention of reopening it again. Open Office tells me that "changes have been made since I last saved it" and would I like to save or discard changes. I'm not sure whether by changes it means the empty file or the retrieved file, so I make a slight change to the file name so I can save it without over-writing. So you can probably guess by now where the "empty file" i submitted came from :P

The 2nd and 3rd time, my submitations got rejected by Triond as "submitted file is corrupt". I'm not sure if my comp crash had anything to do with this. I do know that I have no problems opening and viewing the file, but apparently the people at Triond can't read it. After the 2nd submitation, I copied and pasted everything from the old file to a new Open office document and submitted it. Apparently this didn't work as well, since Triond rejected it again with the "submitted file is corrupt" and so I saved the file as a .doc instead of .odt and apparently that did the trick, as Triond has finally accepted my article.

So now that my article is published, I'm going to have to submit a fix for my article. The formatting has turned out weird and one of the links has been misplaced to the next paragraph, so it no longer makes sense...

Wow, the fix happened quite fast, it's already been fixed. I do have to commend the people at Triond for this one. I just went to check my article and get the link to it and it's already been fixed. I submitted the fix a couple of hours ago.

The link to my article is here. It's about academia-research and all the stuff I found about it which leads me to conclude that it's a scam

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