Monday, August 25, 2008

Academia-research on watch-list

Academia-research has the dubious honour of being the first one to be put on my "To be watched" list, meaning I have turned up enough cases and reports of misconduct on the site itself to be wary of it, but have not gathered enough conclusive evidence to put it on "sites to avoid" list.

What I have found so far.

- Lied about address being in the US, despite it being a Urkaine company

- While Academia-research won't blatantly not pay a writer, it may delay and fudge to avoid payment.

- Academia-research was by started by someone who split from, the notorious freelance writing scam also located in Urkaine.

Which is part of what makes my search so hard, as there is apparently quite an intense rivalry between and Academia-research and is not above telling outright lies to smear the competition, so I have to sift through my intel and establish it's reliability. I do the same for other sites I look at, but there's quite a lot more sifting to go through for this site.

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