Sunday, August 24, 2008

Daytipper, scam? Not worth the effort?

Checked some sites on my list of "Sites which I intend to take a closer look at". Except for Daytipper, all of them got moved up to their respective categories. A search on Daytipper revealed that it used to offer $3 per tip, which got cut down to $1, which got cut down to cash handouts to the top 3 writers of the month. On top of that lots of writers during the $3 per tip period didn't get paid for tips that were published, due to Daytippers "unique" way of defining "published". My search also revealed that an article by a Susan Corbett from Associated Content, saying that Daytipper was a scam, has been called a scam by Nathan Preheim, the founder of the site. Huh? That is also a new definition of the word scam for me.

Stay away from the site.

Did an article on Daytipper and a few other sites here.

Top Sites You Should Not Write For

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