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List of Freelance Writing Sites

A list I complied of freelance writing sites. I haven't checked all of them out yet. Have yet to decide whether I'm going to add sites like Get A Freelancer to the list or start a seperate list for them. Will be updating this and moving this all the way to the front whenever I find more sites

Sites which offer a one time payment for articles

Constant Content
A site where writers can showcase their articles with a preset price tag and have interested publishers buy them. Has strict standards for submitations (free of grammar mistakes etc) so check to make sure that you are submitting a flawless article.

Demand Studios
Offers upfront payments for articles. No passive income though and you lose your rights to your articles once they are published. Only available to US residents.

Only available to US residents. Pays on a "price per word" basis, with higher rated writers being able to command a higher price.

Sites which let you earn passive income

A site where you can publish your work and earn a passive income through page views generated by your articles. One of the better paying sites for passive income.

A site where you can publish your work and earn through page views. Requires writers to publish at least 10 articles every 3 months.

A site where you can publish your work and have them earn a passive income.

A site that lets you build your own web pages, called "lenses" on squidoo and earn from them.

Another site that lets you build your own web pages and display your articles on them, letting you earn passive income.

Has a very active marketplace where publishers will request specific articles and frequent contests, both of which offer writers the opportunity to earn lump sum payments. Articles published will generate passive income.

Associated Content
Has contests every now and then, and specific article requests every now and then, so writers have a chance to earn lump sum payments. Also offers upfront payment for articles, but this is restricted to certain topics and only available to US citizens. Articles published will generate passive income.

Site that lets writers place their work there and generate revenue using Google Adsense. Takes a 10% cut from your profits.

Sites where publishers will post job requests

Online Writing Jobs

Genuine Jobs


More suitable for US residents, as most jobs are based in the US. There a few jobs that require writers in other places like the UK or Canada, or even internationally but writers will have to seive through lots of job offers to find those.



Get A Freelancer

Writing Bids

Writers Weekly

Freelance Writing Gigs

About Freelance Writing

Funds For Writers


Journalism Jobs

Writer's Market
Paid subscription needed for this site. They do however offer a free trial period.

Editorial Freelancers Association
Paid membership needed.

Freelance Daily
Has a daily newsletter with job listings. Offers a free trial period of 1 week, after which you have to pay $3.95 per month for subscription.

Absolute Write
Has a free newsletter listing jobs for writers. Also has a forum section devoted to paid writing assignments.

Freelance Free



Sites which specialise in certain writing categories

A site dealing in "How to" articles.

How to Do
Another site that publishes "How to" articles.

Tutorial Tub A site which lets you earn by displaying your tutorials (another way of calling "How To" articles) and earning through Google Adsense.

A site that publishes only news articles.

Ground Report
Another site that only accepts news articles.

Student Network Resources
This site specialises in research work.

A site specialising in works of fiction.

A site that focuses mainly on financial topics, though it does publish articles that focuses on other issues.

Life Tips
Site where writers can apply to be paid for tip writing assignments.

Letter Rep
As you might guess from the name, this site focuses only on letter assisgnments.

Review Sites

Review Stream
Offers either $0.40 or $2.00 per review( depending on how valuable the site thinks your review is).

Review Party
A review site, this site lets you earn by letting you place Amazon affiliate links and Google Adsense on your reviews.

Another review site. Pays $10 for 10 reviews. While the site does pay to non-U.S residents, only U.S residents are eligible for the contests held by the site. Payout is also set higher for non-U.S residents.

You earn on this review site whenever another member reads and rates your reviews.

Sites which I intend to take a closer look at (But haven't)

Feed The Village




Rate It All


Craigs List

Informative Post


Print N Post

Help Your Money


Blog Posts For Sale

Common Ties

Sites on my to be watched list

These are sites which I have found quite a lot of negative stuff about, but have not yet gathered enough conclusive evidence to take them off and put on my "sites to avoid" list. If you have any links or information regarding these sites, please leave a comment so I can look into it.

None, at the moment. The last one here was Academia-research, which I took down after I had done my research and concluded that it was a scam.


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Constant Content
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