Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scour, a Scam?

Scour is a paid to search site that offers to send users $25 Visa cards once they reach 6500 points. Over the past few weeks, I have seen quite a few MyLot users posting on it and whether it is a scam. Due to the numerous users who have said that it was a scam, I have never joined it.

Recently took another look at it again and did some searching about Scour, and assuming that it is a legit site, here are the major problems that you are likely to encounter.

1) You won't get paid when you hit your points and request for payment. Yes, you won't. You'll have to send quite a few e-mails, post comments on their blog, and try a few means to contact them, before you get a chance to get paid.

2) It is possible that you'll get banned by an automated banning system when you reach payout, and then you'll have to send quite a few e-mails, post comments on their blog, and wait a few weeks to wait and see if the problem is resolved.

All these problems, ASSUMING it is legit. Now operating on the assumption that it is legit, the site already throws several obstacles at you when you claim your payout. Now the whole idea of joining a paid to search site is that I'm paid to do something that I'm already doing everyday. I don't mind waiting a long time for my payout, but when you have to actively hound the company for your payout, to unban you and jump through so many hoops, it is no longer " something I'm paid to do that I'm already doing". The effort spent is frankly not worth it.

Who cares whether it is a scam? Even if the company is legit, that $25 needs way too much work. I'll stick to My Homepage Friends for now.

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